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Please note that the registration and transfer of domain names are dealt with by Nominet, the national registry for all .uk domain names. Please visit Nominet's website for their terms and conditions which all owners of a .uk domain name have to accept.

Nominet's terms and conditions

If you were to purchase a domain name via us, transfer of ownership of the domain name is not undertaken until payment is received in full and all legal documents have been completed and accepted by the relevant bodies.

Once payment has been received in full at the escrow service, the seller will notify Nominet that a domain name is to be transferred to the purchaser. For this to occur the seller will pass on the purchaser's email address so Nominet can contact the purchaser and obtain their acceptance of the transfer.

The domain name buyer has to pay the seller within thirty days of invoice date; if this remains unpaid, the seller retains the right to cancel the sale of the domain(s).

The domain name buyer is responsible for the Nominet transfer of ownership fee (currently £10 + vat). The buyer will be responsible for all escrow fees.

After the buyer has made the payment in full, refunds are not possible if, after 28 days, the buyer has still not accepted the legal transfer.

Once the transfer is completed and the buyer is the legal owner, no refunds are possible. All domain names have an expiry date if not renewed; after buying a domain name via us, the buyer will be responsible for renewing the domain name in question.

We reserve the right to withdraw any offers made by us to hold a domain name for the potential buyer if no agreement to purchase is reached within seven days.

Brokering fees are to be agreed via email prior to any services being undertaken.

No party is allowed to use our communications in a UDPR (uniform domain name dispute resolution) or a lawsuit against a third party.

customer service

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest level of customer service; if you feel this is not the case then please email us via the contact page and we will endeavour to rectify the situation within 24 hours. If you feel the situation has not been resolved to your satisfaction then please contact Nominet and register a complaint.

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information provided by third parties

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