why should our charity use a domain name? is THE recognised domain name extension for UK charities and not for profit organisations. The general public recognises that represents such organisations and therefore conveys a sense of trust. Because the public's perception of associating with "not for profit" is so strong, if your charity currently uses a for example, it maybe unintentionally giving off a message that you are "for profit" rather than "not for profit".

The following types of charities and "not for profit" organisations are ideally suited to




Independent academies, schools and colleges


Religious organisations

Charitable incorporated organisations

Charitable companies


Social enterprises



Regulatory bodies



The rule of thumb regarding the credible and important domain name extensions:

.com - "for profit" corporations with a global presence

.org - "not for profit" American organisations - "for profit" UK businesses - "not for profit" UK organisations

Almost every major UK charity uses the extension; for examples, see our guide to organisations who use a domain name.

Furthermore, in such difficult times for charities with threats to their income stream, it is even more important that your organisation strengthens their online presence with the best available domain name. Remember that the internet is like the High Street and you want your charity to have one of the best web addresses on the street and is THE online brand for UK charities.